With You From Seed to Sale

Licensing & Application Support

Herban Group will guide you step by step through your state’s application process.  Our team has culled through hundreds of successful applications and developed a repository of comprehensive plans for cannabis cultivation, processing, and developing centers.  Having the right plan can make the difference between a winning application and a losing application.
Our services include:

Business Operations Support & Marketing

Herban Group offers end to end support for your business. Our experts will help you every step of the way from your initial store launch to your website development, brochures, business cards, marketing and social media presence.
Our Services include:

Regulatory Compliance

Herban Group’s team of legal, security and business professionals can consult and assist your business with all regulatory and compliance needs to ensure you are fully compliant with all state regulations and laws.
Our Services include:

Disclaimer: Herban Group is a consulting firm and is not engaged in the practice of law in any state. While it could be legal in your state, cannabis is listed as a Schedule I drug and illegal to possess, use, buy, sell or cultivate under Federal law.

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